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About Ebb & Flow

 ebb & flow | with the tide | intuitive beauty 

The birth of Ebb & Flow came very naturally as the founder, Ty Bramwell, had a hankering to share meaningfulness and joy. It started with her fascination of crystals, which came with age. She had never truly embraced them until they embraced her, and the consciousness gained from embracing those energies is something she wants everyone to experience. 

Ebb & Flow’s first line was a simple, minimalist, raw crystal jewelry line; soon after, the apothecary line was born from pure, undeniable instinct. The first apothecary products were synergistic essential oil blend perfumes, which were crystal infused. Ty’s love for natural, organic products and her expansive knowledge of the physical and metaphysical uses of herbs, she gathered not only from time spent in Morocco, but also from many inspiring people and role models throughout her lifetime; such as herbalists, medicine men/women, healers, and shamans. These ideals were applied to her daily life, but when realizing there was a gap in the market for things with true, true meaning, it had all came to a head, and ideas began to flow like lava. There is always a simple goal in mind, which is sharing products with a higher integrity, in every realm, than what’s already on the market. Ty's goal is to be a bridge, to decipher the "wu wu" ideals she loves, and make accessible products that we use till the last drop. Ebb & Flow continues to inspire and innovate in both fields. Releasing limited, seasonal jewelry lines within the ever-expanding apothecary shop, all tailored for contemporary, stylish, meaningful beings.


Ty is a free spirited, flowy presence who has been marching to her own drum, and following her own set of rules since birth. She graduated with a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Iowa. She started what became Ebb & Flow in her last year of school there and nurtured it as it without thought, as it was a direct reflection of what she needed in her life at that time: love, healing, & nurturing ~ she now resides with her partner Adam, dog Blue, & cats Bruno and Jim Morrison in the magical Carson Valley, Nevada just outside of Lake Tahoe. 


Ebb & Flow is unlike anything on the market, as Ty’s own core existence is aligned with this company. It is a blessing for her to play the roles of an adorner, creator, and nurturer, all while staying innately connected to the well being of one human family. She strives and succeeds at establishing meaningful energetic connections with those who wear and admire her lines, no matter how far the distance.

Since launching, Ebb & Flow has been picked up by Free People, Dolls Kill, Forever 21, and many more vibin’, conscious boutiques throughout the country; which has brought the accessibility higher than Ty could have ever dreamed. Ebb & Flow has also been featured in Vogue, Disfunkshion Magazine, Bohemian Collective, and is a top pick of many popular lifestyle bloggers.