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Clarity, a Fluorite Vessel -  One of a Kind - III


Clarity, a Fluorite Vessel - One of a Kind - III

sold out

Clarity, a Fluorite Vessel - One of a Kind - III


"clarity" a fluorite Vessel 

this listing is for this exact ~ only one available ~ 

oh how I love fluorite ~ 

this listing is for this exact piece ~ she is slightly discounted because there is a tiny chip on the top, only noticeable by touch


a supercharged raw, polished rainbow fluorite point fastened in Tibetan coin silver - with hand drawn etching, and brass dot accenting along the top. adorned on a beautiful & durable 30 inch sterling silver chain ~ this is a medium/large point piece, and can be used for ritual & everyday wear.

I could stare at this lady for hours. one of those endless stories, like your favorite movie; you find something new you love every time you watch ~~ this energy runs deep. definitely a trauma healer, a truth finder, and a coyote-like way of zapping to the bottom line. thats what I see when I hold this piece. strong & tried and ready to help. 

about fluorite- 
highly protective & stabilizing
useful for grounding & harmonizing spiritual energy
increases intuition while linking the human mind to universal consciousness, & develops connection to Spirit
useful for clearing the aura "mucky" energies - absorbs negative energies so well that it is necessary to cleanse fluorite often - in full/new moons, water, etc. 

handmade in love <3 

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