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organic apothecaries, mystical jewelry, & sacred home decor. ebb & flow is a lifestyle brand offering wholesome, handmade in our small Nevada USA studio, dry goods. 

Anxiety Relief Crystal Set


Anxiety Relief Crystal Set

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Anxiety Relief Crystal Set


this activated crystal set has been a long time coming. it is inspired by a piece of writing I did in college called Lithium. I write creative nonfiction and dedicated my final project to the study of lithium. at this time I was still studying crystals only for my personal use, but the combination of these three stones that resulted in said project, and now to share with you, was far too good & useful. I was delighted when I found the missing part, danburite, at my supplier months ago, the final piece of the trio. 


stress & anxiety is an incurable energetic reign a majority of humans suffer from. I am a stressed anxious mess roughly 75% of the time, and have been since I had my first spit of responsibility. I see it as covered instinct, society is buzzing, buzzing, buzzing around us and we sometimes have to ignore instinct in order to lead a normal life. how do we get back to roots? how do we let adversity roll off our back and leave unharmed? I wish I had an answer, I wish these magic "pills" made us feel better, but truth be told, all we can do is learn how to C O P E with it and create our own bliss. we are SO lucky to be in a position to obtain space & actually own it, have a door that locks; and some food in the fridge. I could naturally say, "count your blessings," at this point, but I will not do that. I will not excuse feeling. so I have done what I can do, & created a tool. 

contents: a handmade brass inlayed wooden box with a celestial pattern, within the box, nested in roses is a danburite crystal, a lepidolite crystal, & a smoky quartz. intuitively selected to vibe off of one another, and charged in a weeks worth of sunrises & sets. (which is where we obtain lithium) 


  • balance of head & heart 
  • a pure vibration uplifts spirit 
  • calms the mind
  • assists in healing deep wounds & clearing gunky karma
  • promotes self acceptance & teaches us to be easier on our souls


  • lets hope shine through dark times
  • calming, accepting, trusting
  • assists in decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, and other traumas, panic attacks, and addictions.
  • enhances self-love, patience, & optimism

smoky quartz

  • grounding + centering
  • assists in transforming negative energy into positive
  • relieves stress, anger, fear & jealousy
  • helpful in relieving grief 
  • assists in uncovering inner/psychic wisdom

in love & good good energy ~~ 

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